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a melody, a memory, or just one picture...

Avenged Sevenfold Photos
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a 7 x p h o t o s
Welcome! }
welcome to a7xphotos!
this community is members only, you must join to view the posts.

community rules
• every post must contain a photo
• if posting more than one photo, please put behind an lj cut.
• please tag all of your posts
• if you are posting a large photo please just post the link or a small clickable thumbnail
• photos of avenged sevenfold members only, please. that means no photos of the girlfriends/wives.
• please be respectful and keep all rude comments to yourselves.
• if your journal is empty, with no friends, no other communites, comments, entries, etc, you will not be approved.

if you have questions about how to post, need help or what not please contact one of the mod's of this community.

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a7x band icon by xsassysynnerx (formally amblpfan22)
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